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Spa Treatments with a Difference


Spa Treatments with a Difference

There are all types of spa treatments out there and some are just wacky. Here is a look at spa treatments with a difference according to

Hammer Treatment

The Manaka Tapping treatment is about 50 minutes long and has its roots in ancient times. The treatment involves softly tapping acupressure points with a wooden hammer and peg and is meant to help you to relax.

Eye Butter Bath

The eye butter bath is meant to help relieve eyestrain, improve eyesight and improve eye disorders. The Tarpana treatment is meant to be able to cool your eyes. A dough ring is placed around the eyeballs before a medicated ghee, which is clarified butter is poured over the eyes. You will then blink a few times before the fluid has been drained.

Aura Wrap

The benefits of an Aura Wrap are to relax the body and achieve a balance. A photo is taken that is able to catch and show energies and auras. The spa will then design a treatment that is focused on adjusting the aura so that it is more balanced. The treatment will include an exfoliation and a detoxifying clay body wrap with music light, heat and aromatherapies.

Bird Poo Facial

bird poo facial

The benefits of a bird poo facial are meant to help brighten and cleanse the skin. Powdered nightingale droppings are sanitized and mixed with Japanese rice bean and it is then applied to the face.

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