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2015 Trends to Know About

polka dots

2015 appears to encompass everything from power flowers to pretty pleats as well as military khaki to nautical stripes. These are the 2015 fashion trends for the upcoming year.

Cool Khaki

The relaxed military style is one of the easiest looks to wear this season. You are able to include the trend into your wardrobe through relaxed cropped trousers, a silky shirt or with a lightweight parka.


The sequin shimmer has returned to the fashion scene in a fun way. If you are looking for inspiration on how to wear your sequins then look at Burberry who paired delicate sparkly shirts with punchy denim jackets.

Tailored Tuxedos

The tailored tuxedo trend has been around for a couple of seasons, but this season the tux has taken on some glamour. This trend can now be seen as both glitzy and sequined or is chic and block. You can pull this look off with a white and boxy style jacket with a black dress or jumpsuit.

The Monochrome Magic

With the tailored aesthetic of 2015, black and white are the perfect fit. The best way to go for this trend is to get quality separates, which you can later wear once the monochrome style has come and gone.

Power Flowers

Flowers are bold, big and bright this season from the vivid oversized prints at Michael Kors to the pink toned petals on a Victoria Beckham trouser suit. You should go for one item that stands out and pair this with items that stand back to avoid a messy look.


The polka dot is one of those versatile prints that can be classic or fun and this season these dots range from large too small. Pair a bold polka dot with a pretty blouse for a chic and young look.


There is a return to romanticism with beaded chiffon skirts, tiered tulle dresses and organza capes. To tone down this sugary look try a powerful heel with a delicate frock.

Gladiator Heels

The gladiator sandal is a trend that just doesn’t go away and this season you will see high heels with lacing that goes all the way up to the knee.

Nautical Stripes

There will be a sea of navy, red and white stripes this season, but you can also try an oversized double breasted blazer for the nautical trend.


The pleat trend can be updated with a knee length or midi skirt.

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