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How to Shop for Comfortable Sandals


How to Shop for Comfortable Sandals

It’s almost summer time, which means its time to get your toes out in some gorgeous sandals. This is great sandalsuntil you remember that that the sandals have no arch support and the straps cut into the back of your ankle.

If you are looking for comfort then you will not have a problem finding sandals that are pain free. Here is how to shop for comfortable sandals.

Trade in your Heels for Wedges

Heeled sandals will make your legs look longer and slimmer, but heels do hurt. Wedges are a great alternative to heels as they will give you that lift you want, but with a bit more support and stability.

Matching your Skin Tone

Nude sandals are great just like nude heels. Any shoe that is the shade of your own skin tone will keep the eye travelling down your leg line smoothly. If you go for flat sandals then ones blend with your feet and ankles will flatter your legs.

The Straps

Pretty much every sandal has straps but they vary in their width and where they are on the shoe. Both the width and the placement of the straps on a sandal can impact the comfort.

Thick and high straps will cut your leg line. Ankle straps are chic but not always flattering. You need to find styles that end low on your foots bridge or ones that create a V-shape with high straps.

The Footbed Shape

Depending on the support you are after from sandals, you can get them with a cushioned footbed or ones that are sculpted.



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