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How to Style Your Summer Outfits with Shorts?


How to Style Your Summer Outfits with Shorts?

Shorts are must have in the summer and they can look stylish. Here is how to wear your shorts in a sleek and fashionable way.shorts

Wear Lightweight Shorts

If you want to go the boho trend route, then pair lightweight shorts that are made from a loose fitting fabric with a shirt that is also loose. Flowy shorts and tops create an effortless look.

Wear Shorts to Work

You are able to wear shorts to work if you are in the right environment. You will need to choose a pair of shorts that has the right length to be deemed appropriate for the office. Your footwear should be simple and flat.

Wear Printed Shorts

This summer there are plenty of graphic printed shorts and they are a great way to add pattern to your summer outfit. You can make patterned shorts work by making the top neutral and in a color that is found in your shorts.

Wear Statement Shorts

If you have a pair of shorts that make a statement like crochet, a wild print or a pom pom hem then you can pair them with your classic summer basics. Try a neutral tee or tank, a denim jacket and your favorite pair of sandals. These are statement shorts so this is the piece that should pop.

Wear Cargo Shorts

A pair of cargo shorts is the perfect anchor to use for your classic outfit. Cargo shorts have a great structure and they can be paired with a lightweight blouse, which can be tucked in to create shape. You can go bold and choose a bold, abstract stripe in cobalt blue or red.

Wear Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts look flattering on all women and can look really chic. For a great summer look, pair Bermuda shorts with a simple cotton tee of linen tank. If you have Bermuda shorts in a classic color like navy, white or black then add a pop of color with an eye catching tote.

Shorts are a must have in the summer and they can be styled in a number of ways to create the perfect summer look.

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