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Melissa McCarthy’s Clothing Line


Melissa McCarthy may not have a good run of movies lately, but her red carpet style is defiantly something to take note of. She is set to bring out her clothing line that will be released in select department stores and on via Apparel PLM Software.

melissa mccarthy

The collection that has been called Melissa McCarthy Seven7, is set to launch in August. Sunrise Brands operates the Seven7 line, but McCarthy will be putting a new spin on the current offering with the focus being on casual sportswear that has a moderate price point. At the end next year a collection that is more contemporary with a higher price point will be added.

Not only will you be able to get fashionable threads, Melissa McCarthy will also be offering lifestyle commentary on her site where she will be talking about style, fabric and versatility.

She doesn’t just dish out the advice though, she practices it to. When she was at the premier of her new movie Spy, she walked the carpet in a first of many Seven7 outfits, which was long patterned maxi number.

She has also said that her favourite piece from the collection is a sweater that has cat drawn on it saying ‘Meow’, which her daughter drew.

Melissa McCarthy actually was going to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology before she became an actress. It looks like she finally got to delve into the fashion world and go to her first love.

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